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Perfect for all ages!  Nutrient Rich in Essential Minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium, our Himilayan, Dead Sea Salt, and Freeze-Dried Fresh Roses Bath Soak is the perfect combination to relieve dry, itchy, scaling, and inflammed skin due to eczema and other itchy skin conditions.   The Magnesium in the salts promote sleep so be prepared for a relaxing night.  Follow with Lov'nCare Skin Oil for moisturizing relief. 


3 pack is approx. 1.5 pounds weight. 



Skin Calm, Soothe, & Sleep Bath Soak - 3 pack

  • Just 3 Pure, Effective, and Perfectly Balanced Ingredients:

    Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himilayan Sea Salt, Dried Rose Hips and Petals

    Each pack is approx. equal to a bit less than 1 cup of bath salts.


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